Rabbit Tattoo System

In order to show a rabbit in an American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) rabbit show, the rabbit must be permanently tattooed in the left ear. There are many systems for selecting the rabbit’s ear numbers and I am am going to describe the system I prefer. I…

Silver Fox Rabbits Genetics

Using the ABCDE genotypes, we can come up with the genotypes for Silver Fox Rabbit colors.  All Silver fox rabbits should be aa (self) and EE (full color shaft) aa __ __ __ EE. The Silver Fox colors are expressed through 3 genotype B, C, D.

Growth of Silver Fox Kits

I enjoy participating in the process of the nesting, kindling and kits that are born to my Rabbitry does. I handle and care for my does on a daily basis and understand the doe’s personality and respect her need to protect the kits. I first place the nesting box in about 4 days before the due date…

The Superior Durability of the Hopper Popper

I was on the search for a product that would humanely dispatch rabbits, chickens and quail. Honestly, I did not expect one product to complete all these tasks and still manage to be the top of the line superior product in the industry. Low and behold, I found my hearts desire in the Hopper Popper product and I was not disappointed in the least. Thanks Hopper Popper Team!