Thank you for your interest in the Silver Fox Rabbit breed. We are a family Rabbitry located in NW Arkansas and the family chips helps in all the chores of raising rabbits. We strive to maintain the best breeding stock by personality of the rabbit and culling those that do not meet the Silver Fox standard of breed. Our rabbits are calm from being frequently handled, and we can provide you with a pedigreed breeding stock that is tattooed and healthy to kick-start or enhance your own Rabbitry or homestead.

In addition to raising silver fox rabbits, we have added standard chins as well. The standard chin is the smallest of the three Chinchilla breeds and reaches a maximum weight of about 7 ½ lbs. They are good around children and generally have a relaxed nature. This rabbit breed is ideal for any experience and type of owner from novice to seniors, as they are docile and generally non-aggressive when handled. 

FOR SALE… We currently have several offspring ready for new homes. Please email us to purchase the offspring. Also, check the For Sale page for current stock available for your rabbitry.

We tan silver fox rabbit fur for creation of fishing lures. We provide a selection of rabbit strips (zonkers) and dubbing tanned from silver fox rabbits. Check out our products.